Tradition, Naturalness,
Respect for the Environment

The Farm

Podere Fornace I and its vineyards is located in Tuscany between the towns of Cerreto Guidi and Vinci .

The vineyards cover a surface of 5 hectares with ages ranging from 5 to 60 years. The vines are mainly Sangiovese ( 80 % ), Trebbiano ( 15 % ), Canaiolo and Malvasia Nera 5 % and are located at a height of about 150 m /sl .
Wine production varies between 270/300 HL

Since the beginning and for more than half a century the farm operates according to the principles related to the rural tradition.

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A conference on Modern Biodynamic Viticulture and the meeting with the agronomist Leonello Anello, promoter of modern biodynamic applied to viticulture and wine making, had Massimo and Alessandro to undertake a project that has now led to the application of the method on the whole company.

The recent transition to biodynamic management took place in a completely spontaneous way, following and completing the purpose for a natural and traditional production.
Currently the company is also in organic conversion. Since 2010 the cultivation of vineyards and winemaking are performed according to the method of the modern biodynamic.

In a world increasingly affected by the use of chemicals, too often for the only purpose of achieving economic goals, biodynamics is proposed as an innovative solution, as well as a guarantee of authenticity and respect for the environment. Through it we want to recognize into the wine the characteristics of the territory where it was born and the human hand that manipulates the process.