The Biodynamic Choice

An ancient method for cultivating healthy vines
and produce genuine wines

We help the vineyard to activate those forces that put sky and the earth in correlation. We work in the vineyards by planting after harvest hundreds of different plants in alternate rows in order to introduce biodiversity, mainly legumes, which will be shredded and buried in spring. On these green manure we introduce the 500,  so-called “horn manure”. It gives to the soil by the impulse to form humus, namely colloidal layer full of microorganisms that is the basis of the fertility of the soil, allowing vital elements to flow inside the plant.

We track closely and follow moon phases for each manual operation on plants. We use small amounts of copper and sulfur, to help the plant to defend itself against parasites, but these are substances that will not be found in wine and much less in the soil.

During the period of veraison until the complete ripeness  we use the 501 or “horn silica”, another biodynamic preparation. Through this mixture silica proper light forces are concentrated and strengthened. This concentration has a marked effect on plants: we could say that light enwrap plants and as a consequence stimulates all what light might cause in plant physiology. Through it we want to improve everything that has to do with the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the grape.

In the cellar we leave to the grapes the task of turning into wine, favoring the action of the elements air and fire through the ether of light and heat structure and elevate from its physical size the expression of this grape nectar.

We do not make any treatment to wine, neither physical nor chemical, we only add small quantities of sulfur and we report the total quantity in the neck-label.