IGT Biodynamic

Vineyards:Cerreto Guidi (FI) Italy, on predominantly clay soils rich in niches, 150m s.l.m.
Uvaggio: Vermentino 70% – Colombana 30%
Vinificazione:manual harvest, fermentation and aging in small cement vats
Gradazione alcolica: 13,5 % vol

Sensory profile

Its color is golden straw yellow, his pers istent and enveloping flavour of yell ow fru it (peach and apricot) and its intensfragrance tu rn into good acidity and pleasant freshness  in the mouth; its taste is fru ity, balanced and harmoniousInvidia is able to transfer into the glass al l the great vigor othe vine Trebbiano because we prior chose to wait foharvesting its grapes only when properly ripe and then letting through a slow fermentation enabli ng th is wine to develop and show its own personality which proved to be lively ansurprising

Notes & food pairing

We suggest you serve th is wine with appetizers, and fisdishes at a te mperature of 10 ° / 12 ° C

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