Il Cavaliere

IGT Biodynamic

Vineyards: Cerreto Guidi (FI) Italy, on predominantly clay soils rich in niches, 150m s.l.m.
Grapes: Sangiovese 100%
Wine Making: manual harvest, fermentation and aging in small cement vats
Alcohol: 14 % – 14,5% vol

Sensory Profile

Ruby red color with great cohesion and brightness.

Its intense perfume anticipates the softness that we find in the palate where it offers generous: sweetish, slightly tannic, it leaves an absolutely pleasant aftertaste that recalls the soft sunny hills of Tuscany. Frankish, clean, clean, with no will to disguise, because it wants to be pure expression of Sangiovese that manifests itself in an absolutely sincere expressing all its strength in the excellent balance that can first create the nose and then confirm in the mouth: extends perfectly the warm and soft tones and gives way to the tannin to show itself with great strength and finesse throughout the long persistence.

Notes & Food Pairing

Il Cavaliere is an authentic wine in which the characteristics and above all the belonging to one’s own terroir are fully recognized. Tasting it, one becomes aware of how the natural exploitation of the combination of the territory, the vine and the vinification techniques of modern biodynamics can generate a very well structured wine with a great personality.

Ideal to be tasted among good friends, eating roasted meat and grilled, but also to be drunk alone for the sole pleasure of drinking a wine messenger of charm.

Subtitles in Italian and English

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