IGT Biodynamic

Vineyards: Cerreto Guidi (FI) Italy, on predominantly clay soils rich in niches, 150m s.l.m.
Grapes: Canaiolo nero 100%
Wine Making: manual harvest, fermentation and aging in small cement vats
Alcohol: 13,5 % vol

Sensory Profile

The choice of the black canaiolo as a single grape variety represents well from the origins the intentions of the winemaker: to unleash the potential of a grape that rarely lets itself be appreciated alone and that has always been known as a traditional companion of important grapes.
The intense red color blends perfectly with its lingering scent and its soft taste, in which there is no slight alcoholic note.

Tindilloro comes from the metamorphosis of the “woman grape” – as in ancient times it was called the canaiolo – and in this wine we can appreciate typically feminine contrasts, which in large part remain hidden, and which is why they attract so much. The taste is intriguing: soft and fresh at the same time, with lively tannins that manifest themselves with great grace.

The contrasts of Tindilloro, all to be discovered, do not represent absolutely a defect, rather they highlight its main characteristics: young, warm, fragrant and pleasantly persistent.

Notes & Food Pairing

Pleasant on the palate, leaves a feeling of freshness that contrasts with the body of the wine, which although already quite structured, leaks some potential not yet fully expressed, but that allow to be appreciated in their entirety if served fresh at a temperature of 12- 14 ° C.

Tindilloro goes well with risottos, white meat of chicken, rabbit, veal and lamb. Its softness and its aroma find a tasty combination also with cold dishes, cold cuts, sausages and fermented cheeses such as pecorino, Cabrales, gorgonzola, Roquefort.

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