DOCG Chianti Riserva Biodynamic

Vineyards: Cerreto Guidi (FI) Italy, on predominantly clay soils rich in niches, 150m s.l.m.
Grapes: Sangiovese e Canaiolo Nero
Wine Making: manual harvest, fermentation and aging in small cement vats
Alcohol: 14,5 % vol

Sensory Profile

Bright ruby red color. The nose has a greater concentration of fruity notes, with jams of red fruits and forest strawberries in particular evidence, combined with subtle floral notes with a vinous background. The breadth of the perfume anticipates the intensity of the taste.
The taste is of great harmony, soft and at the same time with evident tannins, but of great grace.
It is a body wine, warm that does not impact the palate and above all invites to appreciate the balance between its different components such as alcohol, tannins and acids.

Leave a memory of elegant structure in which everything is perfectly balanced and characterized by great personality. Harmonia is a wine that needs to take its time: it closes with a good persistence, especially if served in the decanter.

Notes & Food Pairing

Harmonia is a fine, clean elegant wine without contrasts: although still young, there is a clear link with its origins and its terroir, which will be able to refine with the passage of time. A great ability to manage the phenolic ripening of the grapes emerges, demonstrated by very suggestive tannins, capable of affecting the taste in a very capillary manner.

It goes well with dishes belonging to the Tuscan tradition: pappa al pomodoro and ribollita. It is also appreciated with meat-based first courses and finds a perfect match even with mature cheeses such as Parmesan. But above all it is done alongside mixed roasts and in front of a Florentine steak.

Subtitles in Italian and English

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